Sofia, Bulgaria … My first week.

I arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 25th, 2016. First stop? McDonald’s! 😀 Second stop? My apartment! It is the perfect amount of space and comes with a kitchen and air conditioning. The bedroom is much larger than mine at home. I even had a tiny tv in it! Very cozy here. (don’t mind my messy bed, I had just crashed for a nap.)

Things that are different… well it has only 2 burners and a mini-ish fridge instead of a large one. This means that instead of my American way of buying a ton of food at once, I buy what I want to make for the next couple of days instead.

Speaking of food, the food selection here is quite different. The egg yolks are so bright they seem almost orange in comparison with our eggs in the U.S.. And the meat tastes better too. Being outside of the states has its advantages in the food department for sure.

The only downside is there are no Mexican ingredients. No tortillas, cilantro, chili powder, taco shells, black beans. It is a struggle for my taco addiction. Naturally, I brought taco seasoning with me, just in case. I came prepared. But I miss the others. I guess it is a good thing to push me outside of my comfort zone so I can try different meats and recipes.

I have so far learned how to make a meat banitsa (see pictured) and I think I will try to make a taco meat version… maybe with some rice in there. For cheddar, I found a substitute type of cheese. They have gouda here as well but no bags of mild or sharp cheddar like in the states. Lots of feta style cheese.


Anyways, that’s all for now. Just enjoying my stay. I’ll write about my work and trip to Macedonia soon too.




2 thoughts on “Sofia, Bulgaria … My first week.

    1. Thanks so much Tanya! I can’t wait to post pictures from Mother Teresa’s house in Skopje. It was beautiful there! Much love! ❤


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