The Firm

Last week marked my first week of work at X in Sofia, BG. (I won’t be disclosing the name of the firm just for privacy reasons.) However, it is a large firm and I was nervous that I might be shuffled into a corner with a stack of papers to proofread, never to learn anything. This is not the case! Not only did they stop their whole work day to introduce me to the staff, every person walked up to me to shake my hand and introduce themselves.

I was not to sit in a corner, but rather a corner office with the partners of the firm! The view is beautiful, and I am smack dab in the middle of a busy street so I get to see all kinds of people, cars, and Vitosha mountain each day. I also get to discuss a lot with the partners and I really feel a mutual respect developing. They give me honest advice and listen to what I have to say.

On Tuesday, one of the partners asked if I would like to visit Macedonia. He was going for a conference and thought I might like to see another country. So my first week at X, I traveled to Skopje, Macedonia and toured around snapping pictures and buying postcards. It isn’t often a partner invites you to listen to him speak and then says not to stay for the whole thing so you can be a tourist.




3 thoughts on “The Firm

  1. What a great start to your Bulgarian adventure! And despite your being right near a metro station (at least it seems so from your photo), I’m sure you’ll find that Sofia is a very walkable city. Enjoy.


    1. I have yet to take the metro but I hope to soon! I also want to try the trams but so far I am trying to walk. I get less lost this way haha. It is a beautiful place to be, I really love it here!


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