Skopje, Macedonia

My first day of work, one of the partners asked me if I had any interest in going to Skopje, Macedonia. I thought perhaps he would suggest some places to visit, let me know it was within driving distance and a “must see” but instead he offered to let me come on a business trip with him and another! He warned me we’d have to get up early and that I’d have to sit through some of a conference on changing laws, but then I could go explore. I think he thought I would say no. WRONG.

First, I do not care how early I need to be up if it involves travel. Second, seeing a presentation on how EU mandates are affecting a small country like Macedonia is fascinating. The conference did not disappoint. I stayed for half, ate some awesome lunch, and then left to explore.


I walked towards the city, getting directions to my pick up spot at the Alexander the Great Statue. I was afraid I might miss it, Skopje has a LOT of statues.

This one, however, was hard to miss. It is giant. It towers. I don’t understand why Macedonia has a large Greek statue but I can roll with it.

Then, I went to the Bazaar, crossing an ancient stone arch bridge. The bazaar is near the Kale Fortress and I wanted to climb up to see more but I was very hot and sunburnt already so I stuck to the shaded streets. The bazaar was lively and wound through all sorts of side streets and nooks. I had only Bulgarian lev with me so I was a little sad I could not purchase anything there but never fear, I found ways to spend money.


Then I headed back across the bridge to find Mother Teresa’s house. I had no idea she was born in Skopje! Her house has been turned into a museum so it is not the original she grew up in but they have a lot of letters written by her, a chapel, photos, all sorts of things. And it was air conditioned and free! It was very quiet and peaceful so I stayed here a while just enjoying the cool air and reading about an incredible woman.

Then I went to check out the Arc de Triomphe Skopje edition. It was VERY colorful and I even saw a wedding! I see a lot of spray paint in Skopje and I was not sure if this was an art exhibit or not because it was so beautiful and colorful. Not like gang symbols or anything. I really enjoyed this little Parisian style area.

Across from the arc was a little park of Fallen Warriors I believe. It was anothing area I’d wanted to see and I was lucky! I passed by a group of distinguished gentleman playing chess! My new favorite game. I took a video and some photos because I could not resist.

Next I wandered around and bought some chocolate for my Bulgarian friends and postcards to send home. I still need to find a place in Sofia to find cute postcards to send home! I have yet to see any but maybe because I don’t live in the touristy area.

Next I met with the driver and we began our trip home! It was a long but beautiful day. On the way home I was surprised with a side stop to a famous lover’s bridge where I got some gorgeous photos and then right before getting into Sofia we encountered an incredible rainbow that we pulled over to get snaps of!






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