Mountain Drive

Sometimes getting lost is the best thing you can do. My love surprised me one afternoon by taking me for a drive to a mountain. We stopped and got some McDonalds, don’t judge us, and off we went for a picnic in the forest. A long time ago I had liked one of his instagram posts showing a forest through a window. I had completely forgotten about this place until we pulled up and he led me to an abandoned house where I saw it. I was there, in the place I had seen on my little phone in Virginia.


It’s a little incredible to me that I am even here in Bulgaria. I live here. I see my love nearly every day. There is no rush to see everything, just an easy going life. I work, I come home, we watch a movie with dinner, we go to bed. And then on the weekends I see things that I have only dreamt of seeing. Mountains, forests, my new home in the far off distance. It is a blessing.

Back to the actual story I was writing, we had our McDonalds in the woods, threw our trash away, and then I hear “Don’t freak out there is a giant dog coming towards us.” The romantic words every woman wants to hear lost in a forest. Trees + puppy. I named him Bruno. He was our little friend while we hiked and I felt pretty secure with him around. Don’t worry, Bruno had a collar, so he had an owner. As you can see, he is well fed.

It began to rain and so we leisurely headed back to the car, Bruno had left us for cover. We saw this butterfly on a flower and had to stop and take photos. He let us get so close too. This guy was not giving up his flower!


Just missing the downpour, we meandered back to Sofia and home.




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