#tbt — Iceland’s Sólheimajökull

Last April I had the pleasure of travelling to Iceland with my mother. I am extremely lucky to have my mother as a best friend and travel buddy.

For this trip she planned several days and then left some free for us to explore. This is what I recommend for your first trip to Iceland. Take the tours, but also leave a couple days to go to back to places you wanted more time at, or see new places. We were there for a week and this really worked for us. We doubled back to a couple places and explored new areas on our free days. I’ll talk about that in another tbt post sometime.

This was our second day’s “Discover South Shore” tour. It was incredible. We drove to waterfalls and Sólheimajökull glacier. The bus pulled in and it was a beautiful sunny day. We passed by some little ponds of crystal blue water and I even considered leaving my jacket behind as it was warm! I am glad I did not. Iceland weather is notoriously unpredictable as you will see!

View More: http://aliciaraft.pass.us/iceland
Seems sunny, yes?
View More: http://aliciaraft.pass.us/iceland
Begins to get a tad grey
View More: http://aliciaraft.pass.us/iceland
I am taking this image when I feel snow hit my face
View More: http://aliciaraft.pass.us/iceland
I begin running towards the group.
View More: http://aliciaraft.pass.us/iceland
And we were in a blizzard.

More Iceland throwbacks to come!




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