#tbt NYC

L’AmicoAfter 6 days of grueling Law Review competition writing, my mom and I decided to take the Amtrak to New York City for a couple nights. I always worry about hotels in New York City.  Will I have a working shower? Will a rat come nibble off the bagels crumbs that have somehow fallen down my shirt? Real concerns here, people. Luckily my hotel (The Paul) was lovely. Small room but suuuuper comfortable beds and a keurig to boot!  Yes, I took the extra k-cups home for personal use. Sue me (just kidding, please don’t).


We went to the top of the Empire State building which, though extremely costly, was worth it. Surprisingly, or not, for that amount of money it does not come with a steak dinner. I asked around. No dinner. Just views for miles and a cranky pigeon with one foot. Still worth it.


Next we went to the Frick museum. Bring your student ID for half off admission! They had a room of Fragonard panels. It was magical. I stared for half an hour just in that one room. The docent Maria was lovely. All in all the museum is small and easy to do in a day. Much better suited for people who want to see and experience art without the masses you find in the MET and MOMA. Considering I had been to both of those already, the Frick was just right for this trip. We walked across the street to Central Park afterwards. And then we walked more. And more. We walked around that park until we thought we may never escape. I felt like Moses wandering the desert. Less holy, but you get the drift. I think that day my handy Samsung Galaxy odometer came to around 18,000 steps.

2016-03-04 15.04.27.jpg

Let me take a minute to talk bagels and pastries from Zaro bakery in Penn Station. They were so delicious I went back for a giant bag full of goodies to take on the train ride home. Glutton much?

There was also Empire Pizza, SaraBeths and L’Amico. All provided me with a deep appreciation for NYC chefs. SaraBeths more so. They served me a steak frites that was in the best I’ve had. The skirt steak had INCREDIBLE flavor and was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Mom got the chicken pot pie which could have used more salt but was large with a beautiful pastry topper. Next time I will try their breakfast!

2016-03-05 11.07.18.jpg
Where we got Pizza and met Will, his friend, and Nikki for deep conversation.
2016-03-04 16.43.10
Hen of the woods grilled cheese and truffle mayo. Yum!

L’Amico’s hen of the woods grilled cheese was a bit greasy but the truffle mayo was delicious but took a minute for my palette to adapt to. The calamari came with vegetables and shrimp thrown in and 2 dipping sauces which were both great. I wish the description had stated it came with other items though, I kind of just wanted a pile of calamari ya feel me? But they were cooked well and I’d order it again, now knowing. My mother got a burger and it was big and beautiful. Delicious flavor!

2016-03-04 10.51.292016-03-04 11.20.502016-03-04 11.21.13

And that’s all!




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