Gramatikovo, Bulgaria

You have probably never heard of Gramatikovo. You might never hear of it again. It’s one of these small and quaint villages, where everyone knows each other and shares their freshly grown fruit and honey. It has 1 hotel with a restaurant, and you can drive through it in about 5 minutes. If that. My love’s family is from here and it was here that I felt most eager to go! What would be there? Who would I meet? What would we eat?!

The journey there was long, about 5 hours from Sofia, but easy driving. Mainly down one highway with stunning views.

We arrived in the evening. The sun was just beginning to retreat, settling behind some mountains, or stranja as his 9 year old cousin informed me. His aunt welcomed me with a big hug and kiss, and we walked to the town center for some ice cream. Yum!

Dinner, breakfast, it was all homemade and delicious! Freshly grown squash, cucumbers, eggs, bread, honey and tomatoes! I learned how to make a squash souffle from his aunt and ohhhhh, boy. Talk about delicious. If you read my post on the things to get used to in Sofia, then you know I thought I didn’t like kushkaval cheese, but I was wrong! This was creamy and very tasty. There were also grilled meats!

The following day we drove to the beach in Lozenets! The water was incredibly blue, the sand was warm betwixt my toes, and it wasn’t too hot or the water too cold! I am eager to return, and might do so this weekend!


After swimming, we went to his family’s restaurant and ate until I thought I might burst. There were mussels, doner, cheese with oil, french fries, chicken fingers that were AWESOME, and so much more. I tried my first lemon Fanta as well. It was all delicious and I would recommend it!

After being stuffed, M. and his little cousin decided to take a walk on the beach just as sunset started. What an incredible view!



Overall, an amazing trip!




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