Rila Monastery

When my mom came to visit I was in a bit of a frenzy trying to figure out where to take her. I knew we would be at the sea for most of the stay but I wanted to show her the mountains and history Bulgaria has to offer as well. This is when I realized Rila Monastery was the place to take her. It has rich history, art, a museum, architecture, and it is completely unique from anything else we have ever seen together. I expected to see a big church and maybe a monk. What I actually saw… well, it was mind boggling. The place is huge, and yet not overwhelming. It was quaint and peaceful. The art was incredible and there was a museum that had old artifacts and another museum that had paintings of all the head priests of the past. I was in heaven and it was the highlight of my summer. The cool mountain breezes kept me comfortable and as we went on a weekday, there was hardly anyone around. Here are some photos, though they don’t quite do it justice.




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