#tbt – France with Momma

My mother is my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration.. and she sacrifices for me to always give me the best. I am an adult now and so I decided to do something to start the process of giving back to her.

It all started in December when we were driving around and she asked me where I’d want to go. I immediately said Japan. It’s been at the top of my list for years. She said Paris and I was like … Paris? Meh. Never had that on my list of places to go. She said the next line in this dreamy yet resigned way, “I’ve always wanted to go there…” and I made up my mind that second to take her. I knew she said it that way because if I didn’t want to go, she wouldn’t be likely to go because she always puts my wants first. It just kinda broke my heart to hear it in her voice and realize how much my wants get put ahead of her own. I had to take her. I had to make a dream come true for her.

How it worked:

The Apartment: I rented an apartment, not an airbnb, but the same premise. (The next time I went, I did go the airbnb route and it was perfect.) My apartment is no longer listed but I saw many similar on airbnb!

Transportation: I booked way in advance and because I went in August they were pricey. I recommend the off season to save money! August is when most Europeans take vacation, so flights are much more expensive. I spent about $2,500USD on the tickets through Lufthansa. The next time I flew in July and the prices were closer to $900USD on WoW Airlines.

Getting around on the subway is easy! There are signs inside the train and in the halls of the tunnels guiding you. To open a door, PULL UP THE LEVER! It’s like opening a door.

The Surprise Part: This was tricky, I checked to make sure her passport was ready. I e-mailed her boss to ask about vacation time. (He then asked her if she really wanted to go somewhere so be sure not to tell them WHERE. People can’t keep a secret to save their life.) I told her we were going somewhere over the summer so she could start getting excited but also prepared. I let her know about a week beforehand where we were going because she is a planner and I knew she’d want to look up places to go and things to see. (She made an Excel spreadsheet, I’m not lying.)


We ended up buying Museum passes for easy access to the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and St. Chapelle. It is a must!

The Eiffel Tower Easy Pass is also a must. You get up faster with a tour and you don’t have to stay the whole time but you do get some great information. Tip your guide!

We also went on a boat cruise along the Seine. Bateaux-Mouches is THE boat to take. I recommend sunset or evening so you can see the lights. It is really great for your first day you fly in because it’s easy going but you still see a lot. Perfect for exhausted travelers who still want to explore Paris!


If you see the flea market and are interested in learning more, check out this site.

And now … the pictures!


And for those obsessed with food….




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