Can you be a lawyer and still seek adventure?

I keep having people tell me to live it up while I’m young because once I’m in the “real world” I won’t be able to travel or do the same things. This “have fun while you can” rhetoric has got to stop, and here’s why. Not only do you stifle creativity, you spread the perverse myths that there are certain ways a person must live to be successful or happy.

I think what they mean is, ‘my dreams are different and so I don’t travel much.’ It’s true, maybe I will have kids and not do the same things. Maybe I will settle in one place. I am not saying this won’t happen, I’m just saying it isn’t certain to happen and I’d like people to stop telling my future like they are Miss Cleo.

Travel might rank higher on my list that it does for others. Maybe they stopped traveling because they wanted to own a home, I’m not sure I want that. I have moved every two years since I turned 18. I’ve worked on a dude ranch in Wyoming, gone to art school in Philadelphia, spent a year in Alabama, taken care of my grandmother in Louisiana, worked in D.C., and traveled to several countries during these years.

Becoming a lawyer does not garantee I will spend my life behind a desk or in a courtroom. I can still be whatever I want to be, wherever I want to be it. If I want to travel the world as a lawyer, I will do so. It might not be the way I envision but that does not prevent me from trying to get as close to that vision as I can get.

I think we need to stop putting down people’s dreams because we have different ones or an idea of how that dream should go. Stop discouraging young minds from exploring alternative avenues!

Dream big, dream often, and explore this incredible world the way you want to. Whether that be in your hometown that you treasure and never want to leave, or globetrotting. It’s time for us to encourage each other to live the way we want. Less ‘live while you’re young’ and more ‘never stop dreaming’ and ‘good luck, that sounds like a great idea!’




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