Top 10 Flight Essentials!

I travel quite a bit and I am always being asked by my friends what my in flight essentials are. I have to admit I carry quite a lot on my carry on but if I wasn’t logging equipment and had only my purse, these are the items I would carry!

      1. A clear beauty mask. Flights dry out your skin but the last thing I want is to look a sea creature with some green mask on. So I opt for something clear that sinks into my skin and can be tissued off or just left on. One of my favorites is the First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Bouncy Mask, 1.7 fl oz. I have a little sample size and it is a clear formula that REALLY hydrates my skin. First Aid Beauty is also great for my sensitive skin needs and I put some on my hands when they get dry too.
      2. A pair of headphones. I like over the ear ones. My ears are already a bit sensitive so I need headphones that won’t hurt my ear canals after 12 hours. I really like these inexpensive AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones – Blue ones. I never buy expensive headphones because I just don’t feel like I need them.. although I am considering buying noise cancelling ones in the future. For the occasional traveller, I think these are fine.
      3. A Kindle. I absolutely LOVE paper books and I read a lot. However, my Love got me a Kindle for Christmas and I just never realized how handy it could be. I can put my textbooks on here, but more importantly I can reread all 7 Harry Potter books on vacation without having to lug them all around! It’s only $79.99USD on Amazon right now too! All-New Kindle E-reader – Black, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi.
      4. Hand sanitizer. Bathrooms don’t always have soap and people can be really gross. Let’s face it. I bring the little packets from bbq places and restaurants around or a little bag of wet wipes. Purell also sells them. Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes, Individually Wrapped (Pack of 100)There’s no way I am being caught without soap on a plane or anywhere for that matter.
      5. Lip balm. Sometimes I’ll just smear a little mask on my lips but I’m not sure it’s meant for that so bring some chapstick or a moisturizing lipstick. I looove the Nyx butter lipsticks. They are SO comfortable on the lips. But if you want something without any color, the Eos balls are easy to feel in my purse and grab without having to pull the whole bag onto my lap. EOS Organic Lip Balm – Pomegranate Raspberry – 0.25 oz. That’s my favorite flavor!
      6. Deodorant. I am an anxious person. I hate flying and it makes me sweat, quite literally. So I always pack a travel size to stick in my purse in case I need it. Local drugstores usually have a travel area, and Walmart does too!
      7. A sweater. Planes are either hot, or cold. If it’s cold, I will ball up my sweater and use it as a pillow. I sometimes cover my seat headrest with it so my head is not touching that. Ick.
      8. Hair ties. I like the ribbon ones. They don’t break in my thick hair and they don’t hurt when I take my hair down. Ribbon Hair Ties – Neutral Tones 10 Pack By Kenz Laurenz are a good choice. I like neutrals because they don’t distract from my outfit and match with everything.
      9. My phone + the charger. Obvious, I know. I have Amazon Prime though and so I download a lot of playlists off Prime Music and then I have lots to listen to. I have a Samsung 5s and an Otterbox case because I am a clutz. I have this exact one. Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Moroccan Sky. The charger I bring overseas is special because it has plugs for lots of countries and is small. I bought it off Amazon!
      10. Snacks!!! I saved the best for last. I like nuts (cashews, almonds), protein bars (Sweet n Salty, ThinkThin peanut butter ones), and string cheese. I also always eat at the airport (Hellloooo au bon pain!) instead of eating my snacks because I do not want to be hungry on a flight with nothing to munch on. I also bring an empty water bottle and fill it up once I’m through security! I keep my snacks in a plastic bag so they are easy to access and I don’t get hangry. Save the plastic bag to put liquids into so they don’t spill and ruin everything in your bags!

I know these are probably obvious, but I wanted to just post an entry with some links and info on WHY I pack certain things. I bring a lot more than this, but if I could only bring 10 things it would be these.





2 thoughts on “Top 10 Flight Essentials!

    1. Oh yes! I always wear black because it also doesn’t show any sweat stains for when I have to take a PACKED train and run across a terminal to catch my next flight!


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