What Happens in Vegas Gets Written About Here – NYE edition

First off, I got engaged at the Grand Canyon! We have been keeping it on the downlow so we can share with family first but I just had to blurt it out here. Now that I have that out of the way, I can share the rest of the awesome things Vegas has to offer!

Where to Stay: We stayed at the Monte Carlo which was fine. It’s a GREAT location with a tram that takes you to the Aria (though you can walk there from within the hotel) and the Bellagio, which is stunning. The downside is it is a bit dated and not the fanciest. If you have the money to spend, I recommend the Bellagio or Aria but honestly we were perfectly fine at the Monte Carlo.

Must Sees:

The Grand Canyon. Of all things, this was on my bucket list and we drove there and then did the Legacy Gold tickets. We loved the SkyWalk though keep in mind you can’t bring cameras on there but they have photographers who will take your photos. Yes, that’s super annoying but we got all of our pics for $65. Not so overpriced and worth it for us since we had just gotten engaged. Otherwise just go and then move to the next stop. They had buses taking you to a few different locations and lunch was provided in our package. It started to rain but that just made it incredibly majestic with a slight fog settling in.

The Bellagio Fountain Show. We were mesmerized by this. We went towards sunset and the sun made the drops shine like diamonds. It’s short but a must see. Especially if you’re staying at the Monte Carlo and can just take the tram over there. Here is a link to the times for the show. 


Hoover Dam. This may not be a must see unless you love stunning drives and GIANT architecture. I loved it.

The Strip at Night. It is magical no matter where you are. Everything is lit up and there is an energy in the air. Walk the strip, see a performer. I bought a CD from a guy playing the guitar which is actually really awesome. His name is Charles Rangel, check him out! He was slaying the guitar.

Eat at the Aria Buffet. This buffet was SOOOO GOOOD!!!! They even had a caviar station. Tons of food and dessert. I pretty much gained 100 pounds there. I’m surprised I was able to exit through the door. The watermelon strawberry juice was my favorite drink and the mac and cheese… daaaaamn. It’s what I want to eat the rest of my life.

The Lowdown:

Vegas is expensive, if you want to eat out. Even places like Subway (which we ate a lot of) is pricey as f. No $5 subs there! It’s also really fun for a few days. So if you can go, do it. If only to see the Grand Canyon because that place is a natural wonder, for real.

If you’re going for NYE like we did, go stand along the strip. It’s really the best place to see the fireworks unless you have access to a rooftop maybe. But being on the lower level with everyone is such a cool vibe. Try it!








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