Law School Journal – Worth it?

So let’s talk about Journals. There is always Law Review but what about the other options? Well, my school has the Journal of Law & Technology as well. Make sure you check out journals beyond Law Review. Read on to find out why.

First, they both have writing requirements to be selected. So what should you focus on?

The #1 answer is Bluebooking. You need to be able to write a case (R10), periodical (R16), and internet source (R18) like a boss. It’s not just to make journal, but to stand out when you apply for jobs because writing is so essential to law.

Keep an eye out for source order!! Remember there is a whole section of the Bluebook dedicated to telling you how to order your sources. It’s R1.4!

If you don’t make Law Review, are you screwed? Is the other journal even worth it? 

No you are not screwed!! YES the other journal is worth it!! You can apply to LR next year but you’ll be an associate. Better to do an incredible job at the other journal and then apply for their executive board for the following year. This is the route I would take.

I am on the JLT and I love it. The workload is manageable and I am far less busy than those on Law Review, but that’s great because my article is getting a lot of attention and will be less rushed than theirs. Most of my friends are not even doing Law Review next year because it is just too much work. Second, I will have a better chance of being published because there is less competition. This is something that you should be aiming for. Spend time in the journal suite so you get to know the Executive Board. They’re the ones reviewing your article to see if it’s worth publishing! Can’t hurt to be around them, right?

So finally. My advice boils down to:

  • Pay attention to the rules of the Bluebook
  • Do the other journal if you don’t make Law Review OR if you think the other journal is on a topic of law you want to go into
  • Do a GREAT job for either so you can work on getting published
  • Apply for the Executive Board
  • Spend time in the Journal Suite so they see you working hard
  • Never miss a deadline, communication is key to this
  • Get your work published



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