Back to Bulgaria

It’s been a while, hello! I am back in Sofia, Bulgaria doing my internship at the same firm as last summer. I thouroughly enjoyed myself last year and was thrilled to be asked back! I took a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and then another flight to Sofia. If you’re wondering about the cost to come to Bulgaria.. it’s not cheap to fly here but once you get here everything else is very inexpensive.

I am staying with my inlaws who are incredibly kind and welcoming to me. I have heard that a close relationship with inlaws here is rare so I am very lucky to be so close to them. We go to dinners, cook together, and talk law and politics.

So far I have not traveled much around because I arrived with a terrible case of bronchitis. Luckily I had a weekend before work started to sleep and try to recover but I am very phlegmy and wheezy. I am sure my coworkers are thrilled to be around me at the moment! But overall they are all very welcoming and excited to have me back! It feels great to have such a support system of talented professionals who want to better you and help you learn. I had 2 European Law classes last semester so I understand more of what’s going on and this makes the work that much more exciting as well.

Until later,




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